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An Ancient Strategy For New Results

It doesn't matter if you follow a certain religion or none at all. If you look back into the histories of the different religions. You will find a strategy which is making a huge comeback to regain your health and vitality. When you regain these things you are sure to see the numbers get smaller when you step on the scale.

What is this miracle strategy? It is actually something that you practice everyday and do not even realize it. This strategy is Intermittent Fasting or "IF" for short.

The name has become a buzzword as of late, but do not think it a new fad. Christianity, Islam, Jewish religions all write about doing extended fasts at some point. Christians have Lent, Muslims have Ramadan, and the Jewish religion has Yom Kippur.

If you do not follow a specific religion, we can look at our ancestors to see that they did extended fasts as well. They did not fast for health reasons, but more for the fact that they had to do so. Grocery stores, fast food stores and meals on demands are y new phenomenon. We were hunter and gatherers and there were times of feast and famine. When food supplies were sparse we had to rely on our body's ability to fast to stay alive.

We actually see some pretty cool things when we do extended periods of fasting. The definition of "fasting" is prolonged periods of calorie restriction. Anything over 50 calories would break a fast. Fasting is the easiest way to get into "Ketosis." This is where your body stops burning sugar as fuel and starts burning a more efficient source of fuel, fat. Studies have shown that prolong fasts can increase testosterone by 180%. Fasting restores insulin sensitivity. It reduces inflammation. IF has shown to reduce chronic diseases related to metabolism. Fasting also heals the digestive tract, and so much more!

The best part of IF is that it is FREE! The only thing you have to do is... Nothing! Don't eat. There are many different types of fasts that you can do 16:8, 18:6, 20:4. The first numbers represent the amount of time you do not eat. And then the second number is the hours you take to consume your calories for the day. You can do juice fasts, water fasts, multiday fasts. There are a lot of different ways you can fast. Science has proved that when you fast for longer. Fasting allows your body to start repairing the body. Instead of digesting food the entire time. The best side effect most people enjoy when embarking on IF, is weight loss.

I have had many people reach out to me about fasting. So I am considering putting together an all encompassing training on fasting. If you are interested, please send me an email at I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. This will make sure I answer all your questions!

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