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This Is My Passion

Unknown to me, my path to become a Chiropractor started 30+ years ago.  Coming home from a family vacation in Minnesota, my family was driving through Michigan.  A drunk driver got on the freeway going 10 mph, the truck driver in front of us was able to swerve out of the way.  We weren't so lucky.

My dad was driving and dislocated his hip on the steering wheel, my sister was in the front seat and hit her head on the dashboard, breaking her collarbone and needing reconstructive surgery on her forehead.  As bad as they got it, my mom was in the back seat and was flung into the windshield suffering a massive internal head injury and causing her to be in a coma for 10 days.  This is just the beginning.

While recovering at home, my mom was having spells of narcolepsy, migraines and worst of all a circular buzzing pain in her cheek.  She was being taken care of at The University of Michigan and she was wanting to know what was wrong with her.  Their suggestions were either to wait and see if it would get better, or take a medication that had a ton of side effects.  She decided to wait it out and guess what?  I kept getting worse!

One of my dad's friends had a roommate that happened to be a Chiropractor and heard our story.  He reached out to my dad to say he thought he could help.  Now desperate and willing to try anything, they decided to give Chiropractic a chance.  This doctor performed an evaluation with a neurological exam and other testing and he found multiple "subluxations."

Based on his findings (not insurance coverage) he set up a plan for my mom.  After a number of adjustments all of my mom's symptoms disappeared!  This doctor also evaluated my dad and told them about the benefits of Chiropractic with kids.  My parents decided to get their 6 year old and 3 year old evaluated and eventually adjusted.

My mom never had to take any medications which had some dangerous side effects and has not had any of the symptoms ever since.  I cannot imagine my mother any other way and it scares me to think what might have happened had she not given Chiropractic a chance.

Fast forward 20 years and I was enrolled in Chiropractic School myself.  My goal is to treat every single one of my patients the same way the Chiropractor did with my family so many years ago, because it literally changed the lives of everyone in my family.  I don't take that responsibility lightly.  I am not going to base my recommendations on what your insurance will cover or just to get rid of a symptom, but what is going to correct the problem and keep it corrected for as long as you would like!

If you or a family member is suffering, please take that same leap of faith my parents did, because it might just change your life!

In Health,
Dr. Cody Senkyr

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